Lake Bled is probably the most famous destination in Slovenia, even more so than the capital Ljubljana. Photos of the mysterious looking Bled Island in the centre of the lake always come up when mentioning Slovenia and even though I didn’t initially think so, it is worthy of the attention. Bled was one of those places I had always dreamt of visiting, a place I had built up in my mind as the most beautiful place in Central Europe. Investigas demonstraverunt lectores legere me lius  quod ii legunt saepius. Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lectorum. Mirum est notare quam littera gothica, quam nunc putamus parum claram, anteposuerit litterarum formas humanitatis per seacula quarta decima et quinta decima. Eodem modo typi, qui nunc nobis videntur parum clari, fiant sollemnes in futurum. Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat

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But my first impression of the town was not a good one. The town itself is very modern, as in post-war communist era concrete architecture modern. Of course no one goes to Bled to visit the modern town, only the castle, lake and Bled Island. So as long as you keep your back to the unattractive town and only look to the right when looking over the lake from the castle, then you’ll be rewarded with one of the most stunning views in Europe.